SASS  Equipment Information


We've provided information regarding holsters and accessories in accordance with Single Action Shooting Society™  rules in this section, in an attempt to provide guidance for your decisions about equipment.


SASS rules state that holsters must not exceed a 30° angle when worn.  Even a standard 0° holster if worn incorrectly can be a safety problem if it points toward a person behind you.  Range officers should make sure that a shooter is not in a faulted  position to start with and must warn the shooter if their holster/s are  exceeding the proper angle. A shooter with a holster exceeding the proper angle must not be allowed to engage a stage to shoot without first correcting his holster angle.  Always remember the "Cross Draw Dance". The holster to the left is a 20° holster and if the top is worn parallel to the ground it is acceptableKeep in mind that the 30° angle rule applies to shoulder holsters as well.  Remember the barrel of any firearm must never be pointed at anyone at any time even in the areas away from the live range.


Main match holsters are to be worn one on each side of the belly button, separated by the width of two fists made when you hold on to your gun belt.  A main match cross-draw holster on the same side as another main match holster is thus illegal.  A weak-side shoulder holster and a strong side holster are "OK". Note:  The key word is "main match" - pocket pistols, for instance are not main match firearms and are "OK" to carry in a shoulder holster in conjunction with two main match pistols.


This is an area that deserves attention from both the "loading table RO" and the "timer" to make sure a shooter does not load the extra costuming pistols at any time, i.e. pocket pistols or derringers.


Belt Loops - Shotgun loops to accommodate only one round per loop - anything more is a pouch; however shotgun ammo loops containing  not more than two rounds per loop  are allowed.  Pistol and rifle loops may contain only one round per loop.  Rifle and pistol ammunition may not be carried in a shotgun loop. 


Cartridge or shotgun  loops may not have a metal or plastic liner.


Pouches - shall have a flap and must carry their contents loose, with no special provisions to organize  the contents for rapid retrieval.   Leather belt slide ammo loops are acceptable.


Shotgun, ammo loops must conform to the shooters contour, which means that they can not be made to tilt out from the belt.  This also means that the loops can not be made to extend out, away from the belt. 


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