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S'Gun Belt Combo.jpg (26856 bytes) Combo Belt - This is a combination shotgun-cartridge belt.  This unit includes 10 shotgun loops set in pairs with 1/2 inch spacing between pairs and 10 cartridge loops; which can be of the gauge and caliber that you prefer.

Shotgun Belt - The standard belt is as shown and includes 20 loops of the gauge you need.  Loops are single spaced.

Cartridge Belt - Will be of the same construction but can be of the caliber you require, and will include 20 loops per belt.  Our standard belts are based on calibers standard  to SASS.

Standard Belt - These belts are 2 1/2" wide and are based upon the descriptions indicated above.  The actual number of loops that can be included on belts under size 34 will vary.  The standard leather color is dark brown.

Special BeltsJax Leather Company has the ability to customize belts to suit your needs, so please feel free to call us.

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Loadin Bag' - The "Loadin' Bag" provides two important functions, it allows you to carry the prescribed number of cartridges for a typical stage requiring 2 pistols and a rifle. The upper row includes 2 sets of loops with 5 each side and the bottom row includes 10 loops.   The bag can be then be used to return empty hulls and cartridges to your cart with hands free to handle your long guns. 


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Shell Bags - Shell bags come in two sizes, short shell bag and tall shell bag.  These bags work great for storing spent shotgun hulls and brass, but they really have many uses.  They have a canvas drawstring bag and leather bottom.  They work well hanging on gun carts providing a convenient place to drop your empty hulls and cartridges. Size is 5 1/2" diameter, the short one 8" tall and the tall one is 10".



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Leather ammo bag - This bag serves well as a utility bag for carrying your ammunition to the loading bench and then carrying your emptyies back to your cart, leaving your hands free to carry your long guns.  The bag is made of leather and has a large flap that slips under your gun belt either going over the belt to the back or under the belt to the front, providing a flap to cover the bag.  When you are finished with your shooting it can be slipped off your belt and placed in your cart.


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